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What VidCon means for the future of social media platforms

TikTok and a new wave of “authentic” creators Short-form video app TikTok, which hosts 15-second clips, was undoubtedly the star of VidCon — almost every TikTok panel was standing room only. Since launching in 2016, the app has grown to 500M monthly active users globally, far surpassing its predecessor, Musical.ly (which …

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The New De Tomaso P72 and a Visual History of the Brand

Between the return of the Toyota Supra and an honest-to-goodness mid-engined Corvette, we’re living in quite the strange (and fortuitous) automotive timeline. This wild, weird industry keeps throwing us curveballs, from Tesla’s forthcoming semi-truck to Ford’s discontinuation of all cars except the Mustang, every time we think we’re losing our …

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UK still can't make a decision about Huawei and 5G

Political uncertainty forces UK mobile networks to make own choices in 5G rollout While the race for Number 10 continues, the UK’s mobile networks are gambling that the new Prime Minister will let them use Huawei equipment in their 5G networks. The UK government has set out its plans to …

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Clean Energy Regulator, WA Mines Department, and Vet Surgeons Board trying to access metadata: Comms Alliance

(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto) Agencies trying to access metadata when not specifically listed as an enforcement agency for the purposes of Australia’s data retention regime has been labelled as a “serious and persistent phenomenon” by the Communications Alliance industry group. Writing in a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence …

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