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2019 Ford Edge ST Will Reportedly Cost $43,350

Earlier this year, Ford announced that there would be an ST version of the 2019 Edge. The the ST essentially replaces the previous Edge Sport, and we knew it would offer more power and better handling, but we weren’t sure how much Ford’s first performance SUV would actually cost. Though …

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T-Mobile takes fastest carrier crown: Ookla

(Image: Ookla) Ookla’s mobile networks speed report for the first half of 2018 is in, with T-Mobile taking the fastest download speed crown while Minneapolis has become the fastest city in the United States, and Minnesota the fastest state. According to the report, the mean download speed in the US …

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Trump just noticed Europe’s $5BN antitrust fine for Google

In other news bears shit in the woods. In today’s second-day President Trump news: ‘The Donald’ has seized, belatedly, on the European Commission’s announcement yesterday that Google is guilty of three types of illegal antitrust behavior — with its Android OS, since 2011 — and that it is fining the company …

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Now this… this is an ultra-wide monitor

I’ve been working with an ugly but functional lopsided two-monitor setup for years, and while it has served me well, I can’t say the new generation of ultra-wide monitors hasn’t tempted me. But the truth is they just aren’t wide enough. Or rather, they weren’t. Samsung has just blown my …

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Samsung and Xiaomi had record smartphone shipments in India

India has quickly become ground zero for the smartphone wars. Last year, the country surpassed the U.S. to become the world’s No. 2 smartphone market, and manufacturers are falling over themselves to plant a flag. Samsung and Xiaomi have been the two biggest winners in recent quarters, battling it out …

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These Women Are Fans of the Ford Transit Van

Many women are becoming accustomed to Ford Transit as a two for one: a home and a vehicle. They are learning that it is a major platform to build their own home that empowers a lifestyle while being on the road. Teri Lou Dantzler, grandmother, but not just any grandmother, …

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