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EU goes after Valve for ‘geo-blocking’ Steam activation codes

Seemingly the sole government body policing tech platforms, the ol’ European Union, is now taking aim at desktop gaming’s biggest storefront, Steam, and its creator Valve. The commission sent a “Statements of Objections” to Valve and five other video game publishers, raising a fuss over the companies’ habits of “geo-blocking” …

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MIT’s ‘cyber-agriculture’ optimizes basil flavors

The days when you could simply grow a basil plant from a seed by placing it on your windowsill and watering it regularly are gone — there’s no point now that machine learning-optimized hydroponic “cyber-agriculture” has produced a superior plant with more robust flavors. The future of pesto is here. …

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Automakers and the SAE Are Trying to Standardize Autonomous-Vehicle Testing

California, Arizona, Florida, and Michigan are among the earliest states to have legislation allowing some forms of autonomous-car testing on their public roads. But what is autonomous-car testing? Who gets to decide how automakers, auto parts and component suppliers, and even ride-hailing companies test this technology? Ford Motor Company, General …

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Full fibre the least faulty NBN technology

An NBN FttN node getting a Nokia line card installed (Image: Corinne Reichert/ZDNet) Fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) is the least faulty technology in NBN’s arsenal, according to figures disclosed by the company. Responding to Senate Estimates Questions on Notice, the company responsible for the National Broadband Network (NBN) broke down its 409,821 …

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Torch takes $10M to teach empathy to executives

When everyone always tells you “yes,” you can become a monster. Leaders especially need honest feedback to grow. “If you look at rich people like Donald Trump and you neglect them, you get more Donald Trumps,” says Torch co-founder and CEO Cameron Yarbrough about our gruff president. His app wants …

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