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New material design stores energy like an eagle

Auxetics are materials that store energy internally rather than bulging out. In this way they can store more energy when squeezed or struck and disperse it more regularly. Historically, however, these materials have had sharp corners that could break easily with enough pressure. Now researchers at Queen Mary University of …

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Blind loyalty

There is a secret behind every open office in Silicon Valley — and it isn’t the drain on productivity. Tech companies have been the vanguards for pushing corporate culture forward toward “radical transparency.” Mark Zuckerberg works in a fully transparent four-walled glass office surrounded by the rest of Facebook. Valve …

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Six Favorites from the August Period Correct Pitstop

In an age where you’re just a phone call away from wholesale ordering uninspired, tacky branded apparel, the clothiers over at Period Correct offer an ever-expanding line of thoughtfully designed and authentic automotive wearables, leather goods, and decorative pieces. They also host a mean Cars and Coffee-style “Pitstop” the first …

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Movie and TV piracy drops across Australia again

A survey by Australia’s Department of Communications has again shown online copyright infringement rates dropping off across TV series, movies, and music, though rising slightly for video games. The annual consumer survey on online copyright infringement for 2018 saw 2,453 people quizzed on their downloading and streaming practices, with the …

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