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October, 2017

  • 22 October

    This 1968 Ford Bronco Restomod is a Clean, No-Fuss Off-Road Cruiser


    Nowadays, restomoded Americana can be a bit prosaic. We’ve seen it all before, and unless it’s something revolutionary from Icon, you run the risk of blending into the cruising crowd. Still If you look hard enough, there are some exceptionally clean builds that not only stand out, but provide incredible ...

  • 21 October

    Gunther Werks 400R Power-to-Weight Ratio is Amazing


    The Porsche community can be a cut-throat clique. There are many purists that believe that all cars that carry the Porsche crest should remain factory-stock in perpetuity. There are those, however, that rail against that adage and build some of the coolest cars around, one being Gunther Werks. And after ...

  • 20 October

    Just Listed: 1982 Lancia Delta LX


    It’s easy to get hot and bothered over the Lancia Delta Integrale. That homologation special is one of the all-time great hot hatches, inspiring many a U.S. enthusiast to go through great lengths to import the tiny Italian terror onto our shores. Unfortunately, these are rare, leading to explosive prices, ...

  • 19 October

    McLaren Claims Upcoming P15 Its Most Track-Focused Supercar to Date


    McLaren has confirmed its next supercar, the successor to the outrageous P1. The upcoming model will be part of the automaker’s Ultimate Series and is claimed to be the most track-focused road legal car the company has ever made. The new car is part of McLaren’s Track22 business plan and will ...

  • 18 October

    2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan vs. 2018 Mercedes-AMG S-Class Sedan


    NEW YORK, New York—Sitting behind the wheel of a 2018 Mercedes-AMG S65 Sedan can make you look like a successful Wall Street commuter. Its Nappa leather-wrapped performance steering wheel feels good, the active multicontour seats are just right, and the cushy headrest feels like a soft, warm pretzel against the ...

  • 17 October

    Ford Details Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Tires for 2018 Mustang GT


    Ford had a number of small but useful updates for the refreshed 2018 Mustang GT, from a new 10-speed automatic transmission and an improved engine with quiet exhaust mode to aero updates that net fuel economy gains and a new Drag Strip mode that makes possible a sub-4.0-second 0-60 time. ...

  • 16 October

    2018 BMW X3 Almost Ready for the Big Mall Crawl


    BMW revealed more details about the upcoming 2018 X3 M40i and X3 xDrive30i SUVs before the new models reach dealers next month. The new M40i trim level is the first M Performance version offering for the X3 line and will retail for $55,295. It packs a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six under ...

  • 15 October

    Polestar Posts Cryptic Teaser of Its First Model on YouTube


    Polestar dropped yet another cryptic teaser of its first model on YouTube. The new video hints at the unusual shape of the model, while other teasers preview the car’s lights, tires, and what appears to be an exhaust pipe. The newly minted brand will launch the model on October 17, ...

  • 14 October

    Production Ends for Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4²


    The utterly ridiculous Mercedes-Benz G500 4×42 had no business heading to market, but we’re glad it did. Mercedes-Benz announced that production on the model is coming to an end, and if you want one, you have until the end of the month to place an order. Prices start at about ...

  • 13 October

    Ford Focus ST and RS are 2017 SEMA Bound


    Every year, automakers use the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas to show what they might build if cost, practicality, and caution were thrown completely to the wind. Few, if any, of the highly modified vehicles they bring to SEMA could ever go into production, but hey, it’s always ...