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Waiting for the new new thing


The smartphone wars are over, and everybody won. Life without our phones is almost unthinkable. I just spent the last five days on a couple of remote Pacific islands, and every so often I’d look up and see a flower-garlanded local child immersed in a Samsung tablet – and this ...

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How Osmo decides to make its tangible, high-tech toys


A huge number of toys today include high-tech and interactive components that keep kids in front of screens. But when it comes to health and educational development, multiple studies have found that kids benefit from things like building with blocks, playing with both hands, and looking away from screens for 20 ...

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Fae is a new open-source content management system based on Rails


FINE, a San Francisco- and Portland-based brand agency, is open sourcing the content management system (CMS) it has developed in-house to build sites for brands like Anchor Brewing, Kimpton Residences at Seafire, Prūf Cultivar (“Elevated Cannabis”) and others. It’s no secret that there is already a plethora of other CMS systems on ...

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Google’s Project Loon head is getting into nuclear power


GoogleX’s raison d’etre is embracing far out ideas, so it’s no surprise, really that former Director Mike Cassidy is wading into the decided choppy and always controversial waters of nuclear energy. Cassidy, whose most recent tenure at Google found him heading up the company balloon-based internet initiative Project Loon, has been ...

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