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Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept Has Artificial Intelligence

More details on the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept have been revealed including some key powertrain information.

Powering the car are three electric motors, one driving the front wheels and two in the rear coupled by a torque vectoring Active Yaw Control system to improve the vehicle’s handling.

Artificial intelligence in the e-Evolution Concept, according to Mitsubishi, “augments the driver’s capabilities” and uses sensors to read changes in traffic and road conditions. The system also has a coaching function that tells the driver via an in-dash display how to best improve his or her driving.

Two new teaser shots were also included in Mitsubishi’s release, and they preview a chiseled vehicle that looks futuristic. From the side, the crossover has a triangular profile that gives it that spaceship-like appearance.

Up front, the spaceship theme continues with a polarizing face that makes the e-Evolution Concept look like it came right out of a “Star Wars” film. Among its most notable exterior features are the split headlights and massive, blacked-out fake grille.

Mitsubishi will officially introduce the e-Evolution Concept at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show alongside its new A.I. Personal Assistant. The system uses voice recognition and natural speech processing to understand what a passenger is saying and have a conversation with them in natural language.

Voiceprint technology also enables the A.I. Personal Assistant to recognize specific people and learn their behavior and speech to provide services that may be interested in. The A.I. Personal Assistant also utilizes a combination of cloud-based and on-board processing to make it as accurate as possible.

Mitsubishi says the system will also be able to connect with other devices to check traffic conditions or give passengers a bird’s eye view of their surroundings.


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