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Pininfarina Teases H500 Concept Sedan

You may be accustomed to hearing the name Pininfarina be accompanied by the name Ferrari, but the famed design house has done plenty of mercenary work over the decades. Most recently, the Italian shop has partnered with Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic Group to create a number of concepts.

The latest creations from the effort will be unveiled later this month on April 25 at the 2018 Beijing auto show. One of the two will be the H500 teased here. It’s a concept sedan that Pininfarina says “combines elegance and sportiness, pure shapes and sophisticated details, designed for dynamic lifestyle seekers.”


Pininfarina also claims that the H500 “presents the leading edge technology developed by HK for the drive system, with battery, electric motors, central control unit, and range extender.”

Translation: it’s an extended-range EV like the Chevy Volt and BMW i3.

No information was provided about the second concept.

The announcement of the H500 and the mystery project bring the Hybrid Kinetic Group/Pininfarina partnership to a total of six concepts, starting with the H600 sedan shown at the 2017 Geneva auto show. It was followed up by the K500 and K750 SUVs, which were shown at the 2017 Shanghai auto show, and then the HK GT that made its debut last month at the 2018 edition of the Geneva show.


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